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January first is generally a reason for people to die!!!!.I think the day brings to people a level of insanity that would make a mad dog out of a sheep.Not only do these guys kill themselves but they bring to themselves the embarrassment of being put up in the new-papers the next morning for reasons that are better left unsaid.
Strange as it may seem the earth’s birthday is the day of demise for quite a few who came to the birthday party.
Just a few of us have been unlucky enough to nearly die,or should i say lucky that it was just “nearly”.Death spawns sorrow and misery but obviously mankind does see some pleasure in “nearly dying”.Thrill seekers as they often call themselves lead these group of selfless souls.And self less is exactly what they become if you know what i mean.”kill seekers seems more appropriate”.
After all to each man his own.Everybody has the right to live and hence obviously to die as well.But rights are not always right are they.There are things in life worth fighting for more than rights.To fight for ” the right” is certainly more legitimate than to fight for its plural but rather misnoming counterpart. And on new year’s eve if “RIGHTS” are what you are fighting for,the same you will be given— spelt a little differently “R–I–T–E–S”.
Accidents and assaults haunt this day year after year.Is this reason enough to impose rules that curb into one’s personal space.Certainly not!!! As fa as I am concerned,these rules are just after effects of mishaps.Rules are meaningless cause they are imposed on law-breakers,and well in this case jaw-breakers(not the candy!).Quite ironically ,those who follow these rules don’t really need them.
What solution have we to prevent such mishaps?First of all,do we even have to prevent such mishaps?No,i don’t think so!Its quite thankless to try and prevent such accidents.Sorry,did i just say accidents?Accidents are generally associated with the adjectives unpredictable,sudden and uncontrollable.These are the factors that distinguish whats an accident and whats not
Accidents on new years eve are predictable and controllable.The only adjective that i find of vague relevance is “sudden”.After all tequila is taken in shots and not sipped.
People choose to be in accidents.Civilization that we claim to move towards sadly does not seem to be a super set of civic sense.The path ahead is gloomy and being drunk certainly does not help!
Dont drink and drive especially on the eve of a new year.Dying is a right,killing isn’t.Its more important to add to your age.Come jan and the earth is getting older anyway!


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  1. well said ashwin! “Dying is a right. Killing isnt”

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