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I have been working at ThoughtWorks Pune for about six weeks. I get to fly back to Coimbatore (where my folks reside) every two weeks. What this means is that, I have accumulated more Frequent Flyer Miles in the past two weeks of my life than I have for the rest of it. Some interesting things have struck me in this short span of time. Often, I observed people at the airport offering their runway-bus seats to elderly people, saying sorry to someone they bumped into, letting people who were running late go ahead in the queue to the security check, helping people with heavy luggage trolleys, helping people fit their cabin baggage into the over-head compartments, thanking the flight crew for serving water.

Every time, I see such a gesture, I tend to go into a tangent to think what it would be to work with these people. Whether they would hold doors open for women, let the hungry folks ahead of them in the lunch queue, thank the supporting staff for cleaning up their tables, be polite in meetings etc. I am not a big fan of courteous behavior or anything, but I realized that I was being one of these people myself. The courtesy I was willing to show to a random stranger at the airport clearly was much more than what I would show to someone who sat next to me at the office. I lack an opinion on being a nice-person at work. I think it is a matter of choice. But this was a pattern that was too repetitive to go unnoticed.

Draw your own conclusions.

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  1. This is the interesting form professionalism is taking over the past few years. It’s those, who show courtesy in both places , whether it’s for a seat or if someone messed up something at work, end up paying more !

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