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SLAM and BLAST are automated static checkers that took the programming language world by storm. Recently I have spent a bit of time trying to understand the way these tools work and quite honestly, I think it is their ability to formalize their ideas that have made them such successes over as opposed to the ingenuity which we ideally want to promote as good samaritans. Read More »


Most of this article may seem like I am stating the obvious (offcourse unlike the rest of my blog!). I have been attending a course on Programming Languages by Prof Wesley Weimer. Been quite awesome till date. We were speaking about static analysis of programming languages and the success of Microsoft’s SLAM project Read More »

I recently read V.S.Ramachandran’s Phantoms in the Brain. It is quite brilliant. I would really recommend it to anyone who prides himself of being a rationalist. Read More »

The greatest apparent threat that causes us to program functionally is the fact that Object Oriented Programming has failed to address mutability in states that results because of most objective implementations. Read More »

For those of you who have played around with some bleeding edge asynchronous HTTP servers like python’s tornado and Ruby’s goliath, I am sure there have been several ahaaaa! moments finding out ¬†things that need improvement. As part of these things, I find that structuring evented code and taking a bottom up approach to debugging nested calls can really dissuade you from asynchronous http approaches itself. Read More »

Any expression of sarcasm is just some frustration leaking out amidst what otherwise is ramblings that are rationalized sporadically. There is only one driving reason for most students to join PSG College of Technology. Job offerings! Fair enough if you ask me. Read More »

In my days as a under graduate student, I took the Graduate Record Examination which is mandatory for admissions into most American Universities. I have been asked quite often about the toughness-of-the-exam and ways-to-prepare for it. Read More »

At Intel and at ThoughtWorks, I have had the chance to be part of Agile Teams. At ThoughtWorks, retrospectives are among the most passionate practices. There are several forms of retrospectives that this book suggests. Read More »

I have been working at ThoughtWorks Pune for about six weeks. I get to fly back to Coimbatore (where my folks reside) every two weeks. What this means is that, I have accumulated more Frequent Flyer Miles in the past two weeks of my life than I have for the rest of it. Some interesting things have struck me in this short span of time. Read More »

The following are links to research that I enjoyed doing. Regular readers may find it relevant to the rest of my blog.

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