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Part1 continued…..
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Any expression of sarcasm is just some frustration leaking out amidst what otherwise is ramblings that are rationalized sporadically. There is only one driving reason for most students to join PSG College of Technology. Job offerings! Fair enough if you ask me. Read More »

Recently, I decided to take quick read of the Russ Olsen’s Design Patterns in Ruby just in case the book had interesting ways of solving common problems. The book tends to digress into type safety (the lack of it) and other gizmoz that Rubyists defend and evangelize. Hence, I decided to write this article that will simply show you the code for the most important patterns. I have just covered the most elegant way these can be used. For what its worth, this is really the only reason you would want to read this book.

Having said that, I assume that you can take a judgement on when these patterns are to be used. That will truly determine whether/if it solves a problem for you. This post is just about doing it the Ruby way. Read More »

With libraries like Robotium, it has become a lot easier to unit-test Android applications. Here is a talk given by Thiyagu, Krishnaswamy Subramanian, Soundararajan and Ashwin Raghav at xconf bangalore.

We focused on some fundamental tools and some factors that can help you understand what factors to consider while building apps on the Android stack for enterprises. It feels a little outdated now with Robotium coming in. However, it covers a lot of important fundamentals. Read More »

Recently, at xconf, I had the chance to present some work that Dr.Jane and I had done in college. Its really a simple, application oriented research paper. I had a chance to present this paper at MOMM in Kuala Lumpur previously. This is more of a repeat performance. One for the books… Read More »

Recently Mark Needham and I spoke at an internal conference at ThoughtWorks on a tool that we built.  When your interview process involves a coding round where the candidates are given a problem to solve and judged based on how objective and communicative the code is, it makes sense to bring code metrics into the picture. Here is how…. Read More »

Recently the marketing team at ThoughtWorks wanted an application that can search for users on linkedin with certain specific facets to help them find potential business leads. Read More »

I believe that a white box approach to testing things is very significant. I believe in this especially since this can help you cost-effectively target ares of the application that you think are weak. Once you get some systems-thinking in place, white box testing can really replace what manual/ black box testing can do. If that statement sounds too open/radical, think again 😉

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This is a bit of a know how post. If your looking for a way to connect your Rails application to different databases, this will be of use. Read More »

In my days as a under graduate student, I took the Graduate Record Examination which is mandatory for admissions into most American Universities. I have been asked quite often about the toughness-of-the-exam and ways-to-prepare for it. Read More »